Activate Vibrancy

I help those seeking a vibrant and vivacious life, activate vibrant health, vitality and deep self-love, saving years of going through life disconnected from self, using my Vibrancy Codes Blueprint

I am ready to activate!

Remember Your Power

It is time to take your health and life into your own hands.

Manifest Vibrancy

It is time to realize your infinite healing power and tap into it. 

Activate Vibrancy

It is time to remember that multidimensional health, vitality and transformational self-love is your birthright. 

Meet Your Mentor

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Cassidy, my journey to serve you started when I was struggling with chronic illnesses for over 8 years including, but are not limited to, chronic infections, chronic pain, chronic anxiety, autoimmune dysfunction, and overall a medical mystery for many years. After years of symptom suppression, I hit an absolute breaking point where my illness had taken over my life and I was in unbearable pain. During that time I was in so much physical pain that I did not have a quality of life that felt worthy of living. I also was in a deep dark space in my life, I had 4 family members die during this excruciating painful period, I ended a 15-year friendship that felt like I went through a divorce, I was broken up with someone I loved very deeply, and I lost my identity as my passions that I once had faded away. I felt that I was unimportant, helpless, and powerless unable to find answers. I decided then to create the answers by becoming my own savior and that I was not born to just survive but thrive. I went within and found gifts beyond my wildest imagination. I reclaimed my health with a holistic approach by healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Now I am gratefully in remission and radically transformed my entire life. I intensely focused on all areas of health gathering knowledge, strategies, and modalities for The Vibrancy Codes. I am now rich in health in all areas of my life. I am on a mission to share this new way of living, this enhanced way of experiencing life with as many people as I possibly can. I am here to empower those who are craving a vibrant life, helping them activate vibrant health, vitality and deep self-love, skipping the years of suffering disconnected from self, using my Vibrancy Codes Blueprint. 

Vibrancy looks like...

  • Physically Healthy, Mentally Healthy, Emotionally Healthy, and Spiritually Healthy
  • Being an Embodiment of Health, Vitality, and Deep Self-Love
  • Having a Sturdy Inner Foundation that is Unshakable 
  • Radiating Inner Peace, Joy and Fulfillment 
  • Connection to Body, Mind and Soul
  • Deep Self-Love, Self-Trust and Self-Belief 
  • Intentional and Conscious Way of Living
  •  Becoming Radiant

My Coaching and Programs help you pinpoint exactly:

  1. WHAT level of vibrancy you are looking for; your vision
  2. WHO you need to become to get the vibrant self you deserve and desire. Who you need to embody.
  3. HOW you can transform yourself through daily action and how to listen to your intuition to get your desired results. 
  4. WHEN and HOW to create and execute a Vibrancy Action Plan designed for your success through small manageable steps.

Who I Serve

I serve seekers of a vibrant & vivacious life, who are seeking guidance to create their most Vibrant self. I work with those who are ready to do the inner work that allows for their ideal health, vitality and life manifest into their present reality. These beautiful souls are on the exploration of self & health and are ready to invest in themselves, ready to adopt lifelong lasting healing habits through consistency that sticks, and ready to realize their most vibrant self

Are you ready? The best investment is always in yourself. You are worthy of support. If you are ready, your life will absolutely transform. 



Tales: Portugal 


" I met with Cassidy today and I can not reccomend her enough she honestly comes in with such a light and such a kind and gentle manner."

Hannah: Massachusetts, USA


"What most stood out to me is that Cassidy is a living example of everything that she talks about, you can really tell that whatever she teaches she has really dialed into her own life."

Hector: Estonia

Become Your Own Hero
Become Your Own Healer
Become Transformed


Unlock your Inner Wealth through Meditation

Creating consistent healthy habits is the key to unlocking vibrant health and vitality. Now is the time to start. If not now when?

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